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  • I Am Running For PPS Board Of Directors And Need Your Vote

              Voting is now LIVE and I would like to ask for your vote!   Dear PPS Colleague; I am excited to be running for PPS Board of Directors, and I would like to earn your vote. I respect your time and will keep this brief by focusing on three points

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  • Size Gets Your Foot in the Door . . . Value Keeps You There:

      Independent Practices Can Gain Influence through Coming Together “Strategy is all about being different than your competitors.  A company can only outperform its rivals if it establishes a difference it can preserve.” – Michael Porter, PhD, Harvard Business School   {This is a 30’ blog especially for those of you either in private practice

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  • The MSO Model – Don’t Sell . . . Get Big, but Stay Small

    By Jim Hoyme The supersizing [of health care practices and insurance companies], which hasn’t been slowed so far by signals of regulatory concern about health-care consolidation, reflects efforts by companies in both industries to gain the scale and heft to succeed amid changes unleashed or accelerated by the health law. Anna Wilde Matthews, Health Care

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  • Why Outcomes . . . Why FOTO?

    Outcome measurement is becoming standard procedure in therapy practices these days. It is being driven by therapists who want to measure and compare their outcomes to others and want to deliver better care to their patients. Policy makers are also fueling the fire, such as CMS with the FLR G Codes. CMS and payers are

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