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  • June 2015: What’s New At Therapy Partners?

    What's New At Therapy Partners






    Jerry Durham: The Customer Life Cycle

    By Jim Hoyme

    Can you believe it??!!

    Therapy Partners hosted Twitter Legend and customer relationship guru Jerry Durham for 3 days last week as he presented The Customer Life Cycle: Turning Calls into Loyal Customers. And what a great experience it was for all of the Therapy Partners’ team members!!

    Jerry entertained TPI with his colorful, passionate teaching style and shared his 8 step Customer Life Cycle model that he has developed from answering well over 1,000 calls from prospective customers (most of us call them ‘patients’). During those 1,000+ calls Jerry has asked them questions . . . listened . . . analyzed customer ‘wants’ . . . sold the value that his practice delivers . . . and ensured that his team members build strong customer relationships in patient centered ways. And guess what? By building trusted relationships, he and his team members have convinced thousands of people to choose, stay with, and complete their plan of care at San Francisco Sport & Spine Physical Therapy – even when patients have lower out of pocket costs at his competitors.

    So what was the response at TPI?8 Step Cycle copy

    Over 150 call center, front desk, therapy providers, clinic managers, and practice owners from the Therapy PresentationPartners practices engaged in Jerry’s program, where he emphasized selling the value of your practice and building trusting relationships from “The Golden Moment” – the first phone call – all the way through the Post Course of Care process. This will ensure Re-Engagement of your customers with your team for their future physical therapy ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

    Other key points Jerry emphasized were:

    • Be transparent with sharing information with customers – including the cost of each visit
    • Offer help and assistance at every touch point
    • Find out what customers want to achieve and focus on achieving those wants – relentlessly – on each visit
    • Each team member serves every customer in ways to build extraordinary relationships
    • Do what you can to set up the therapist and other providers for success
    • Team members two main responsibilities – Build Relationships and Create Bottom Line Success


    Therapy Partners’ mission is to deliver Triple Aim ValueMeasurable Quality, An Exceptional Patient Experience, and Lower TOTAL Cost of Care across all practices. TPI clinics achieve some of Presentation 2the best FOTO outcomes in the country and help reduce TOTAL costs in meaningful ways. TPI clinics have been rewarded financially for their high level outcomes. Well guess what . . . by the way . . .

    Jerry’s Customer Life Cycle approach gives our practices a more defined way to now provide a truly Exceptional Patient Experience. TPI’s team of clinics now has the tools to objectively deliver on each leg of the Triple Aim.

    Yes it was a great learning and thought-provoking experience. And the value of Jerry’s visit to Minnesota goes beyond clinic and business success . . . by the way . . . this die-hard SF Giants loyalist has truly converted to Minnesota Twins fan!


    Twins Game

    Proof of Jerry’s Twins Fan Status Jim, Britany, Jerry and Eva at Target Field

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    – Jim




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