Since 1999, Therapy Partners has served independent therapy practices as a Management Services Organization, or MSO. We are one of the very few true MSO’s for therapy practices in the US. We have 16 years of experience as an MSO, and we know what it takes to deliver Triple Aim Value to member practices, their patients, health plans, and ACOs.

So what is an MSO? A Management Services Organization – MSO – is a business entity that provides member practices with centralized administrative services; health plan relationships and contracting; and Triple Aim care management services so practice owners can focus on delivering high quality care to patients, building relationships in their communities, and growing their practice in strategic ways.

Therapy Partners’ MSO provides member practices ALL health plan and ACO contracts under the MSO’s Tax ID Number (TIN). TPI and ALL member practices use BMS revenue cycle management services and billing technology (RevFlow), and each practice can choose from either BMS’s RevFlow EMR or WebPT’s EMR.

But more importantly, TPI and the member practices provide a Value-Based Culture and a Triple Aim Mission that delivers real value to our risk sharing partners – health plans and ACOs. Our “secret sauce” is our ability to ensure that our member practices and their therapists manage their therapy care effectively, achieve outstanding functional and cost outcomes as measured by FOTO, and work together as a team of outstanding clinics.

We are all about delivering VALUE.


Therapy Partners is a management company that provides administrative services for a network of high quality therapy clinics in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Through our billing partner, BMS, Therapy Partners provides billing and payment processing services for the member practices.

Our 36 member clinics have over 90 skilled, caring therapy providers and are known to their patients by the name of their practice. Please look for your clinic and therapist by their practice name.

Member Practices and Clinics

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TPI’s therapy practice network provides patients with high quality therapy care. Our practices measure their patient outcomes, and compared to a national average, our value-based patient outcomes are in the 90th percentile. All of the independent therapy practices in the TPI network are committed to providing exceptional customer service, delivering outstanding clinical care, and reducing the total cost of health care.

On behalf of our member clinics, Therapy Partners has contracts with all major Minnesota and Wisconsin-based health plans, other private health plans, workers’ comp plans and government health plans.

Get BIG . . . But Stay Independent

Helping therapy practices deliver value in a changing health care market

Our health care delivery system is going through major changes as provider groups consolidate and incentives move from volume to value models.

Is your practice positioned well to succeed in a market designed for large, integrated accountable care organizations (ACOs)? Can your practice deliver and measure value? Do you have the size and value to build solid relationships with ‘the powerful decision-makers’ at health plans? Can you change and lead change?

Or will you be left behind?


The reality is, the most powerful organizations in today’s health care market are getting bigger – health plans, care systems, ACOs, independent specialty groups, consolidated physical therapy organizations. The market is consolidating and the big organizations have power.

As independent practices, we must find ways to be seen as valuable providers and connect with the powerful decision-makers – health plans, ACOs, self insured businesses, people in your community. Do you have the size and value to do so?

As a management services organization (MSO) for therapy practices, TPI provides services, programs, and expertise that will bring you efficiencies, financial strength, value, and relationships with ‘powerful decision-makers’ so you can focus on patient care, building relationships in your communities, and growing your practice.

And become more relevant in this consolidated, value-based market.

We handle operational management activities such as billing, collections, A/R management, payment processing, health plan contracting, therapist credentialing, RevFlow™ billing/practice management/EMR technology, coding and reimbursement training, and even some marketing, finance, and HR services.

Additionally, we deliver the means for you to deliver measurable value. We provide FOTO training and outcomes and care management to help you achieve measurably high value patients. We use those outcomes to benefit your practice, promote value-based models with health plans and ACOS, and engage risk sharing relationships with those powerful decision makers.

And our member practices collaborate as a TEAM.

TPI practices all use either RevFlow or WebPT EMR; FOTO™ outcomes, and other collaborative clinical programs that are valuable to ACOs and health plans. In addition, we offer consulting services in the areas of practice management, leadership development, team building, change leadership, performance management, and certain administration, financial, and marketing services.

TPI will bring your practice strength for long term success.

Delivering TRIPLE AIM Value

Organized in 1999, Therapy Partners, Inc. (TPI) is a management services organization (MSO) for independent therapy practices. As an MSO, Therapy Partners attains ALL health plan contracts for member practices under the TPI Tax ID Number. Just as importantly, ALL member practices must use FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) to measure their patients’ functional and cost outcomes and manage their care to help reduce total health care costs. FOTO is an independent outcomes service used by over 5,000 therapy clinics, over 15,000 providers, and with over 7,000,000 cases in its outcomes data base. Additionally, TPI provides member practices with a centralized billing office and a number of administrative services.

Therapy Partners and our member practices are committed to delivering Triple Aim value with the services we provide.

Measurable Quality        An Exceptional Patient Experience     Lower Total Cost of Care

Our clinics all use FOTO to measure and manage their outcomes, provide caring, convenient service, and manage our care to achieve optimal functional health which reduces the need for more costly interventions such as imaging, surgeries, injections, and hospital stays. Each clinic receives a FOTO outcome report each month, and Craig Johnson, TPI’s Director of Clinical Integration, works with each clinic to help them improve care and outcomes. We are happy to share our outcomes with any and all health plans and ACOs.

Therapy Partners’ leadership and the member practice owners work very hard to create a TEAM CULTURE amongst the clinics. Owners and therapists at all practices know that we are a TPI team even though each practice is independently owned. This Team Culture ensures that our clinicians and staff work collaboratively to attain the best outcomes and deliver consistent services across our network of clinics.

Go to THE CLINIC LOCATOR  for clinic information

Pay for Performance

TPI is well-positioned and willing to share financial risk in contracting with health plans for the provision of physical and occupational therapy services. Our FOTO™ outcome data provides utilization and functional change scores on each patient and across patient populations. We have a large data base of patient outcomes and fully understand typical outcomes and costs for specific musculoskeletal conditions. FOTO™ data provides a research based measure of the clinical value our therapists provide, and our results can be compared to that of other practices across the country.

TPI and our member clinics have engaged in a value-based reimbursement model with HealthPartners health plan since 2010, and this model has been highly successful for the health plan, our clinics, and our patients. Additionally, the Therapy Partners team has helped networks of clinics in other states implement and manage FOTO outcomes and engage in value-based pilots which have shown that well-timed, outcomes-focused therapy can reduce total costs associated with musculoskeletal conditions.

We are willing and able to provide similar value-based models with other health plans as well. We are confident that our therapists deliver care that has proven, quantifiable value. Because of our data-driven outcomes and experience in risk sharing, we are well positioned to offer health plans value based contracting (pay for performance).

Specialized Services

More than ever, patients expect to see highly skilled therapists who have expertise in treating and managing their specific condition. Many TPI physical and occupational therapists have developed expert-level skills in specialty areas of rehabilitation. Our clinics have therapists who provide specialty services in chronic back pain, acute injuries of the spine, sports specific injuries, occupational health, hand therapy, TMJ disorders, pelvic pain/incontinence, vestibular and balance disorders, osteoporosis, aquatic therapy, biofeedback, and athletic training.

Specialized Programs that Deliver VALUE – To Patients and Health Plans

TPI works collaboratively with health plans to provide their members with specialized programs for various musculoskeletal conditions. These programs are focused on reducing the incidence of surgery, slowing the progression of problems, and lessening a person’s reliance on medication. Our therapists are very willing to develop other quality and cost effective programs for conditions that are difficult to treat and manage.

Detailed Clinical Guidelines

TPI understand the importance of predictable, consistent care management. Our therapists have developed a detailed set of clinical guidelines for 24 non-operative and post-operative conditions covering over 100 diagnoses. Our therapists’ use of outcome-based clinical guidelines has resulted in consistent care management across our network. We have maintained high patient satisfaction and excellent functional outcomes within an average utilization rate that is about half the national average. We are willing to share our clinical guidelines with health plans and look at innovative ways to improve.


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Leadership and Team Building

In this ever changing health care environment, our profession needs great leaders and high performance team players. TPI offers consulting and educational programs to physical therapy schools and other professional education programs designed to improve Leadership and Team Building. We use the 4R Leadership and High Performance Work Team Models.

Therapy Partners is transforming how physical therapy is delivered and elevating our value in a rapidly changing health care marketplace.

With a strong commitment to The Triple Aim, TPI creates innovative, value-based, risk-sharing arrangements between our member practices and health plans and ACOs, and we help the practices manage those value-based models to achieve measurably high functional outcomes, drive down total cost of care, and be rewarded for the value they deliver.

We have helped our members achieve a promising future for their independent practices by achieving greater financial rewards, operational efficiencies, and a strong position in our market.

The Triple Aim

  • Measurable Quality

  • An Exceptional Patient Experience

  • Lower Total Cost of Health Care

Our Vision

Is to grow a strong network of high value-focused independent therapy practices within our MSO and ensure that our members attain long term strength, stability, and success in our changing health care market.

Our Mission

    For our members:


    • Operations. Through efficiencies and highly effective services, help our members reduce their operational costs
    • Practice Management. Through collaboration, technology, operational analysis, and benchmarks, help practice owners manage their practices effectively
    • Financial Stability. Through strong, trusting relationships and value delivery to health plans and ACOs, help our practices improve their financial stability in a highly competitive market

    For our valued health plan and ACO clients:


    • Simplicity. Simplify contracting, billing, and payment processes to reduce their operational costs
    • Predictability. Deliver consistent, measurably high outcomes and predictable therapy costs that help reduce total cost of care
    • Risk Sharing. With a commitment to Triple Aim value, deliver effectively-managed care in order to engage and be successful in risk sharing arrangements

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