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  • Why Outcomes . . . Why FOTO?

    Outcome measurement is becoming standard procedure in therapy practices these days. It is being driven by therapists who want to measure and compare their outcomes to others and want to deliver better care to their patients. Policy makers are also fueling the fire, such as CMS with the FLR G Codes. CMS and payers are

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  • What I Learned At The FOTO Conference 2016

    If you weren’t at the FOTO Conference last week, you missed one of the best conferences of the year. About 150 new and experienced FOTO users were in Knoxville – a great place to be in spring where the temps were in the mid to upper 70’s with bright sunshine and tree blossoms everywhere. The

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  • FOT0: Focused Functional Activity

      Focused Functional Activity By using the FOTO patient reports and reviewing both the intake and status reports it gives the clinician insight into patient progress towards functional goals. If nothing else, by looking at the reports the clinician should come away with the thought of early training on functional activities. This gives the patient

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  • Timing of Surveys Can Help Improve Outcomes

    Timing of Surveys Can Help Improve Outcomes   The timing of the intake and status surveys in FOTO can improve outcomes. Capturing the intake on the first visit reduces the therapist’s bias to the intake score. Patients can over or under report on FOTO if the patient does not complete the intake on the first

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