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  • Maggie’s Top 10 Ways to Have an AWESOME Internship

    Leading as a Student Intern: An Interview with Maggie Bryant, DPT By Jim Hoyme   Leaders Care. Just in case you haven’t done so already . . . Check out this YouTube video (I’ve posted it on Twitter about a dozen times and in previous ENewsletters). http://bit.ly/LeadersCARE I LOVE it because it is SO True.

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  • FOT0: Focused Functional Activity

      Focused Functional Activity By using the FOTO patient reports and reviewing both the intake and status reports it gives the clinician insight into patient progress towards functional goals. If nothing else, by looking at the reports the clinician should come away with the thought of early training on functional activities. This gives the patient

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  • FOTO Tips: Turn on Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) in Optional Surveys

      Turn on Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) in Optional Surveys   Of the Optional surveys that can be turned on in FOTO, one of the most useful is the PSFS. This provides the patient the opportunity to type in their own functional activity that challenges them. Here is where the therapist can get a

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