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Get Big – But Stay Small

As you have probably noticed, healthcare is consolidating. Hospitals merging and acquiring medical practices and forming big integrated care systems or ACOs.  Small to mid-sized medical specialty practices like orthopedists and neurologists are merging to form large independent practices.

At Therapy Partners, we are transforming the value of physical therapy in our health care market and how our members are rewarded for delivering that value.

Some private practice owners are selling their practices, but many therapy practice owners are standing back and watching as hospitals and physician groups come together to form large, powerful medical organizations.   These big entities are dominating the health care market and will for many years to come. With the consolidation happening all around, are you as a physical therapist owner able to stay viable in the market?

At Therapy Partners, we know you as an owner love owning your own business, running it your way; you are proud of the reputation you have created and the culture you have built. The last thing you want to do is sell. Therapy Partners offers you another solution – a Management Services Organization for independent therapy practices. Therapy Partners allows you to attain the benefits of truly being big while allowing you to maintain ownership and control of your therapy business.

Consolidate – But Own Your Practice

Therapy Partners is a defined business entity with its own Tax ID Number (TIN). Our member practices contract with us, and we provide our member practices with services and relationships that bring them strength of size, a centralized billing office, certain administrative services, operational efficiencies, and an ability to negotiate health plan contracts so practices can focus on delivering even better care, building important relationships, and growing their businesses.

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Being part of Therapy Partners allows you and your team to work and build relationships with other high-quality practices and their teams in Therapy Partners’ network. It allows you to gain access to solid health plan contracts, practice management technologies, learning experiences, outstanding patient outcomes, and administrative services such as billing, accounts receivable management, and payment processing. Therapy Partners delivers Triple Aim Value – measurable quality, an exceptional patient experience, lower total cost of care.

We deliver value to health plans, ACOs, self-insured businesses, and workers’ compensation carriers. By contracting under a single Tax ID Number, we simplify contracting and payment processes for health plans; reducing their costs. By providing them measurable quality outcomes using FOTO, we bring our risk-sharing partners predictability in cost and functional outcomes.

Plain and Simple . . . Therapy Partners allows its members Get big, yet stay small and independent.

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