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About FOTO Outcomes

At TPI we believe that outcomes are the best way to demonstrate the value of your services. We have found the best outcomes tool available for therapy practices – FOTO-Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes. FOTO is a robust tool with over 9 million episodes in its database! FOTO has over 23 years of experience, plus FOTO has been validated through research and published in over 90 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.  No other functional outcomes tool has been validated to that extent.  FOTO is also risk adjusted on 13 unique criteria making your results comparable to other therapists and practices. This truly differentiates TPI in the market place. Additionally, FOTO is accepted by CMS as a valuable outcomes tool for determining functional limitation and MIPS reporting.

Therapy Partners has used FOTO for over 10 years. We have learned how to use the tool efficiently and effectively, and our outcomes prove our value.  TPI’s MSO clinics are presently in FOTO’s 85th percentile in value (utilization) outcomes.  Our TPI team provides FOTO training and on-going support and management to TPI MSO member practices and to a number of other therapy clinics around the country.  Our services are designed to help practices optimize their FOTO use and outcomes.

Therapy Partners MSO was the first organization in the nation to use FOTO outcomes in a pay for performance model with a health plan.  TPI and HealthPartners health plan, with over 1.3M covered lives, developed a value-based pilot using FOTO outcomes in 2010.  This pilot was highly successful, and TPI and HealthPartners have continued to use this value-based reimbursement model every year since then.  This model has been a ‘win-win-win’ approach for the patients, plan, and providers.  In 2011, Therapy Partners received HealthPartners Excellence in Innovation Award for this model.

The quality metric in FOTO best displays the value of our services on all aspects of the Triple Aim; measureable quality, exceptional patient experience, and lower total cost of care.

The time is right for value, and payers are willing to reward therapy providers for delivering quality services and outcomes.

When you become a member of Therapy Partners’ MSO, we will help you achieve and display your BEST outcomes.  And even if you are not a member of Therapy Partners, we can help you implement FOTO and optimize your results.  Contact us, and see how we can help you PROVE your value.

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