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    Voting is now LIVE and I would like to ask for your vote!


    Dear PPS Colleague;

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    Advocating for PT with Amy Klobuchar

    I am excited to be running for PPS Board of Directors, and I would like to earn your vote. I respect your time and will keep this brief by focusing on three points to help you better know me.

    First, I am well prepared for the director position. I am passionate about private practice and the profession; one that is grounded in my values. My values, are in building a high quality practice that draws patients to it, and to receive reasonable payment for the quality of the services provided. My values stem from what my father, instilled in me. He was a dentist who started his own practice, and he was President of the Minnesota Dental Association.  He also served on many national committees of the ADA. He always told me, ‘if you build a quality practice, people will be knocking on your door, and never shy away from asking for reasonable payment for your services’.

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    Karin (Craig’s wife) and Craig skiing

    I served on the APTA POPTS Committee, and I participated in the APTA Governance Workgroup. I created two innovative models of care for value-based payment, which were presented at APTA Innovation 2.0; one model received an honorable mention grant.  As a two-term President of Minnesota PT Association, I lead a chapter governance model change and an extensive strategic planning process to position physical therapy higher in care delivery and more prominent in society. I currently serve on an APTA and Industry Outcomes Task Force, the PPS Payment Policy Committee and APTA Public Policy and Advocacy Committee, and am a PPS Key Contact.

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    Kris (Craig’s son) and Craig at a game

    I am a partner and Chief Operations Officer of Therapy Partners, Inc. (TPI), a management service organization, with 15 independent member practices and 32 clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin. TPI has successfully leveraged outcomes to improve payment in value-based payer contracts.

    Second, I believe there is tremendous opportunity ahead for private practice, if we focus on delivering  value.  For every one hospital admit, 300 encounters occur in outpatient clinics. Only 7-10% of diagnosed musculoskeletal conditions are ever treated in physical therapy! In payer forums and meetings, I have heard comments “physical therapy is in the sweet spot of where health care reform is going”.  We must change our place in the continuum of care. If consumers routinely access us directly or early, we can change the long-term trajectory of their condition and ultimately their health. PPS and APTA needs to put a major push on changing the clinical pathway to deliver better value and increase access.

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    Karin and Craig taking in a Twins game

    Third, I seek out innovative ways to deliver care and achieve better third party payment. I have worked on value based payment strategies at TPI and managed payer pilots that leveraged better care management using outcomes to reduce total cost of care. Innovative value-based payment models are evolving, yet further strategy development is needed with regional and national payors, and with CMS. We must lead reform by supporting innovation, collecting and analyzing outcome data, and advocating for value-based payment models.

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    Family matters!

    Change is ramping up quickly and will sustain this pace for the next 5-7 years. Everyone must get involved in changing current care delivery models to grow scope of services, gather robust outcomes data, and advocate to align payment with quality.  We have a great opportunity to put private practice on a trajectory towards achieving our vision; “Society demands access to physical therapists’ business”.

    Bold leadership is needed to meet the many challenges ahead.  I have the knowledge and experience to contribute on this visionary board and elevate private practice as the valued provider. It would be an honor to serve on the PPS board!

    Thanks for your support!

    – Craig

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    I Am Running For PPS Board Of Directors And Need Your Vote


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