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  • March 2015: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

    Around-The-Net-TPI-720x429 copy copyNews From Around the Net

    Top 5


    1. Market Trends. Don’t Be Afraid to Change. 5 Lessons You Can Learn from Radio Shack’s Demise. Radio Shack is no longer with us. We used to see their electronics stores all around us. But they failed. This article talks about what hospitals can learn from Radio Shack’s demise, but all health care providers can learn and apply to their professional situation.



    1. Market Trends. Here are 2 Related Articles emphasizing the importance of Patient Empowerment. Empowering patients to provide more input in their care and their expected outcomes is SO important in improving patient health outcomes. Check out these two articles and as you read them, think about you, as a physical therapist, can better ENGAGE YOUR PATIENTS.




    1. Employee Engagement. Here are 2 Related articles addressing the importance of Employee Engagement. 15 Great No Cost Ways to Supercharge Your Employees and For True Employee Engagement, Follow These 6 Steps. Whether you are an owner of a practice, manager of a clinic, or a team member, you can benefit from understanding and embracing ways to enhance ‘team member engagement’. If you are a leader-manager, look for ways you can implement at least some of these ideas. If you are a team member, look for a manager who will deliver for YOU.




    1. Personal Growth. Following our 2 Link trend, here are 2 articles that will help your OWN Personal Growth. The Best Advice I Ever Received and 13 Life Hacks for MedPreneurs. The first author turned some direct, simple advice from his dad into 4 great concepts he has followed for his professional success. NY physical therapist Joe Simon. I think Joe offers a great mindset to adopt for success in your life.





    1. 8 Signs of a Bad Leader. Let’s hope you are not this kind of leader. Check out Bernard Mann’s 8 characteristics you definitely want to avoid.


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