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    Triple Aim


    Consider this . . . physical therapists can reduce total costs related to musculoskeletal injuries.

    Here are some interesting health care points:


    PwC estimates that 50% of the $3T spent on health care in the US in 2012 added no value to patients – $1.5T WASTED.

    Optum Health reports that in 2013, 17% of the total health care expenditures were on musculoskeletal conditionsEarly Access.

    Optum Health also reports that 3 of the 4 most costly surgeries performed are Spinal Fusions, Total Knee Replacements, and Total Hip Replacements.

    A 2013 New England Journal of Medicine article explained results of a Meniscal Tear in Osteoarthritis Research trial performed at Northeastern hospitals. This study compared the knee pain and functional improvements of people with knee osteoarthritis/meniscal tear patients. Some of these patients only had 6 weeks of physical therapy and others had a knee arthroscopy followed by 6 weeks of PT. There was no significant difference in pain and functional results in the two groups.

    Intermountain Health and University of Washington studies that appeared in Spine Magazine in 2012 both showed that for low back pain, early physical therapy intervention reduces total cost of care for low back pain. Delayed physical therapy results in higher costs.

    Skilled physical therapists who see patients quickly after an injury, manage their care effectively, and focus on helping patients achieve optimal functional health reduce the need for more costly interventions like MRIs, injections, and surgeries.

    Therapy Partners’ clinics and therapists do just that . . . attain high-level patient outcomes in an average number of visits well below the national average.

    So who are we . . .

    Therapy Partners, Inc. (TPI) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) for independent therapy practices. We contract with health plans and ACOs on behalf of our member practices under Therapy Partners’ Tax ID. Our 12 member practices with 25 clinics and over 90 therapy providers accept ALL Therapy Partners’ payor contracts, so we provide health plans and ACOs with a STABLE network of value-based clinics.

    TPI’s Value to Health Plans and ACO’s

        Stable Network of Clinics

        Broad Patient Access

        Simplified Processes – Single TIN – Reduced Costs

        Value- Based Providers

        Patient Outcomes among Nation’s Highest

        Large Outcomes Database

        Predictable Outcomes – Function and Cost

        Risk Sharing Arrangements

    We Can Reduce Your Total Cost of Care


    Our leadership team and member practices place a STRONG EMPHASIS on attaining the first point of The Triple Aim – Measurable Quality. Therapy Partners clinics MUST use FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes – www.fotoinc.com) to measure and manage their functional and cost outcomes. Our FOTO value outcomes (functional improvement per visit) and effectiveness outcomes (functional improvement) are among the highest in the country.


    TPI Experience


    Therapy Partners Value Delivery


    Simplification. On behalf of all of it’s independently owned therapy practices, Therapy Partners contracts with all health plans under the TPI Tax ID Number, which reduces the complexities of contracting and payment processing for the health plan. All member practices must accept health plan and ACO contracts attained by TPI, and cannot negotiate or engage in their own payor contracts without the support of TPI. Health plans provide reimbursement directly to Therapy Partners, and TPI in turn then processes those payments and reimburses its members. This reduces efforts and costs for the payors.

    Predictability. Therapy Partners clinics and provider manage their care and outcomes very efficiently compared to other clinics around the country and locally. We have a wealth of outcomes data on many conditions.

    All Therapy Partners’ member practices MUST use FOTO outcomes to measure their outcomes and help them manage their care. Patients complete an intake functional intake assessment, the FOTO system analyzes patient responses, and predicts patient functional outcomes and the number of visits required. TPI practices complete episodes of care in fewer visits than the national average, and as a team, TPI practices are in the 90th percentile nationally in value outcomes – functional improvement per visit of care. By using the independent, reliable, valid, risk-adjusted FOTO outcomes tool, health plans can eliminate the need for utilization management programs with Therapy Partners clinics.

    Click on the FOTO OUTCOMES tab on this website to find out more about how we use FOTO to achieve HIGH VALUE outcomes and engage in risk sharing.

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    Risk Sharing. Therapy Partners has 7 years of risk adjusted utilization and functional outcomes data. We have engaged in a value-based reimbursement model with HealthPartners health plan since 2010. This model has been very successful for Excellence In Innovation AwardHealthPartners, Therapy Partners, and our patients. HealthPartners and TPI have shown that providers and payors can come together to find real ‘Triple Aim’ solutions in a collaborative ‘win-win’ spirit. HealthPartners awarded TPI its Excellent in Innovation Award in 2011 for our value-based model using FOTO outcomes.

    Therapy Partners is willing and able to engage in many types of risk sharing models with health plans and able to help ACOs reduce their total costs and measure patient outcomes for musculoskeletal conditions.

    TPI has worked with several health plans and a workers’ compensation organization to analyze total cost of care data for musculoskeletal conditions in which physical therapy was provided. The upstream, direct physical therapy, and downstream costs are truly revealing, and show how well timed, value-focused physical therapy can reduce both upstream and downstream costs for these often expensive conditions.

    TPI clinics and therapists show a sincere commitment to delivering triple aim value as we strive to significantly improve patient’s functional health and drive down total costs related to musculoskeletal pain.

    If you are a Health Plan or ACO –

    Contact us for more information about how Therapy Partners can help you manage financial risk for musculoskeletal conditions and deliver Triple Aim Value to you.


    Therapy Partners, Inc. (TPI) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) that brings tangible value to health plans and ACOs.

    Here are our 25 member clinics: