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    Leadership & Team Building

    Teamwork and leadership are critical components for all teams in this competitive and demanding marketplace. While some organizations have good teamwork, they do not have a high performance team culture. High performance teams have members that show a deep commitment to one another’s personal growth and demonstrate the 7 Characterists of High Performance Work Teams.

    High-performance teams not only significantly outperform all other like teams, but also outperform all reasonable expectations. Strength Awareness, Proactive Followership, and Transformational Leadership are critical aspects of high performance teams.

    “How do you think your team would score on a High Performance Team Assessment?”


    We have the tools to measure your High Performance Work Team Culture (HPWT) and the expertise and process to help you build such a culture.

    Our program is designed to move teams from “good to great” and to create a leadership development program across your entire organization.

    TPI’s highly qualified and experienced team provides training in Leadership and Team Building to professional school faculty, physical therapy practice work teams, and other professional organizations. Training and learning experiences are custom – designed for the needs of the organization.

      • Transformational Leadership Presentation with Practical Cases
      • High Performance Work Team Presentation with Practical Cases
      • Strategic Planning and Implementation

      • Transformational Leadership Presentation with Practical Cases
      • High Performance Work Team Presentation with Practical Cases
      • Strategic Planning and Implementation

    • Training and learning experiences involve:

      Presentations and lecture, group discussion, real-life cases with team – based problem solving, practical applications.



      • Leadership and Team Building Booklet – Electronic or Printed in Binder
      • StrengthsFinder Categorization of Your Team
      • High Performance Work Team Assessment Tool
      • Followership Assessment Tool

      • Leadership Assessment Tool
      • Strategic Planning Format
      • Analysis and Planning Recommendations for Team Leader

    For Therapy Practice Teams – HR Materials and Training

    Therapy practice owners know how to deliver great care and service to their patients and clients, but many practices do not have the human resource tools that can add great value to the organization.

    Therapy Partners offers a broad range of tools and consulting services to therapy practice owners and managers that will help them better manage expectations and staff performance.

      Customized Performance Plans for all Positions within a Practice


      • PT / OT
      • PTA
      • Clinic Manager or Director
      • Support Staff Manager
      • Front Desk Staff

      • Registration Staff
      • Charge Entry / Audit
      • Business Office positions
      • HR Manager
      • Marketing Manager

    All staff members and their managers must have a clear understanding of the needs of the practice and their performance expectations.

      All TPI plans provide a comprehensive definition of performance expectations and contain:


      • Business overview of the practice (vision, mission, key success factors for the practice)
      • Responsibilities
      • Performance Objectives
      • Competencies
      • Copy of Performance Review

    Therapy Partners staff provides consultation and training for development of customized plans for the unique needs of each therapy practice.

    On Line Performance Reviews from FutureView

    Developing a meaningful and objective performance review for each staff member is a real challenge for a therapy practice. Accurate and comprehensive performance reviews are necessary for individual development, employee satisfaction with management, effective practice management, accurate documentation of employee performance, and risk management.

    FutureView™ on line performance review format provides a very efficient and meaningful review process and allows objective tracking of performance year after year. Therapy Partners works with FutureWork (the company that developed FutureView) to create customized on line performance reviews aligned with the practice’s performance plans. For more information about FutureView™: www.futureworkinc.com

    Clinical Guidelines Development

    Health plans in many markets complain of inconsistency in care management across therapy practices. These inconsistencies lead to higher health plan costs and frustrations. Health plans greatly value practices that can provide lower costs associated with consistent care management across their clinics. Developing comprehensive clinical guidelines to improve staff training and create care consistencies gives therapy practices significant differentiation and advantages.

    Therapy Partners has created clinical guideline templates for over 20 common musculoskeletal conditions covering over 120 diagnoses and surgical conditions. TPI can help practices create their own guidelines from these templates and develop a plan to strategically use the guidelines to their advantage.

    For Therapy Practice Teams – Coding and Compliance Training

    These are challenging times for all health care practices. Therapy clinics are especially challenged with greater numbers of and more intense regulations governing their practice. Furthermore, practices are faced with reimbursement cuts from government and private insurances. Practices must comply with regulations while working hard to capture every dollar of reimbursement that they have earned.

    John Wallace, PT, CEO of BMS Reimbursement Management, is one of the true coding, billing, and compliance experts in the physical therapy profession. John provides practices with critical training on coding and reimbursement that will correctly and accurately optimize reimbursement. He also provides a Medicare Compliance program for up to date information regarding Medicare Rules and Regulations that relate to physical therapy practice.

    Contact John Wallace at jwallace@bmsreimbursement.com


    For more questions and information please contact Jim Hoyme at Jhoyme@therapypartners.com or 651-747-4336.

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