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    Leadership Edge Program

    Leadership & Team Building for Leaders

     The Leadership Edge

    Leadership?  . . .  Team Building?  Yeah . . . Right.

    Soft stuff. Is it really necessary? My therapists and I have better things to spend our time and money on. We just don’t have time. We have patients to see.

    But think about it . . . we are going through dramatically changing times in the health care industry. Successful transition in times of upheaval requires change of behavior, and such significant change requires effective leadership and real team efforts.

    Can we make the necessary changes and innovations without great leaders and teams??

    Probably not.

    We need

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    Big L” Leaders who establish vision and direction, set expectations, define a winning culture, establish a strategy, and engage their team members.

    “Leader-Managers” who create action plans to achieve expectations, organize teams, and hold team members accountable for achieving goals and expectations.3 Levels of Leaders

    “Small L” Leaders” who are role model performers who embrace the organization’s vision and mission; they are team players who get things done at a quality level; they create the culture and lead by example. They achieve established goals.

    These 3 levels of leaders work together to build and contribute to high performance teams. And guess what . . . high performance teams adapt to change, innovate, and seize the opportunities that health care reform brings.  They make sure the practice succeeds.

    The “Edge” of The Leadership Edge is the ‘nurturing and developing of leaders at ALL levels of your practice’. The EDGE is creating high performance team leaders – the next generation of leaders – throughout your practice. Top to Bottom. Left to Right. Leaders at all levels.

    So is it just ‘soft stuff’?

    No way.  It’s necessary stuff, and it’s ‘hard stuff’ because it takes caring, attention, time, vision, and tough decisions.

    Leadership and Team Building are critical to your long term success and strength.

    The Leadership Edge model has 4 critical components:

    1.  StrengthsFinder – Understanding Your Strengths and Respecting Those of Your Teammates

    2.  Followership – Becoming a Proactive, Enthused Self Starter

    3.  Transformational Leadership – Learning How to Grow as a 4R Leader – build trusting RELATIONSHIPS, fill the critical ROLES of a leader, perform the RESPONSIBLITIES, and deliver the RESULTS of an effective leader

    4.  High Performance Team – develop a team that is characterized by a Shared Purpose, Involvement, Commitment, Trust, Communication, Efficiencies, and Continuous Improvement

    All of the components align – interact – feed off each other. And when your team members deliver, you will achieve great results in our changing world.The Leadership Edge program is a comprehensive 11 week program – 3 face to face meetings and 8 On Line sessions. Or you can choose an 11 week completely On Line program.  It includes a comprehensive workbook, presentations on each section, videos of leaders delivering their message and stories, meaningful articles, and discussion boards addressing real-life situations.

    Our learning experience is completely focused on helping you apply what you learn. Apply your Strengths, Followership, Leadership and High Performance Team approach in REAL LIFE.  It’s a 5 Step Process for each session.

    TLE 5 Step Learning

    If you become part of Therapy Partners MSO . . . you access the Leadership Edge.   It’s part of our culture.  If you do a year long residency with a Therapy Partners clinic . . .  you get the Leadership Edge.  It’s part of our learning experience.  If you are simply inspired to learn, grow, and develop truly effective leadership skills . . . you can  engage in the Leadership Edge.

    It really makes a DIFFERENCE.

    Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d love to help you out as you grow a stronger practice.

    Me I'm a Leader

    Our program is designed to move teams from “good to great” and to create a leadership development program across the entire organization.

    Quote“The Leadership Edge has been an invaluable resource for our clinic.   We have significantly improved the communication and teamwork in our practice and have been able to come together for the common purpose of helping our patients and allowing our practice to thrive.  It has not only improved employee morale and productivity but also has translated to an increase in new patients coming to our clinic.”                     

    – April Erickson, DPT, Wenger Physical Therapy



    “The Leadership Edge program was an amazing opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills and learn how to integrate them into this ever-changing healthcare environment.  I have been able to immediately apply my new leadership skills to be a better clinic manager.   The program is beneficial for both emerging and veteran leaders.”

    Ryan Torgrude, PT, OCS, Clinic Manager PTOSI Physical Therapy



    “The Leadership widely supports nurturing well-rounded professional development, turning employees into leaders. For long-term success, we must develop leaders throughout our organization – top to bottom. Our team is working better together to achieve our vision and goals.”

    Jody Ruppert, OTR, MAOL, CEO OSI Physical Therapy



    “After participating in The Leadership Edge, I realized how many other ways I can be a leader even though I don’t hold a title of ‘manager’.   The program opened my eyes to my role as a team member and how I can contribute more to the goals and mission of our practice.”

    Nicole Dahmes, PT, OCS, OSI Physical Therapy, Forest Lake, MN



    Therapy Partners 10 Week Leadership Edge program for therapy practices can be custom-designed. The program can consist of 10 On Line Session or you can have one of TPI’s Leadership trainers provide1-3 On Site Session to go along with the other 7-9 On Line Sessions.

    The Leadership Edge is a practical approach to leadership and team building with cases and discussion board problem solving related to ‘real-life’ situations in your practice and in the changing health care market.

    The Program comes with a 160 page Leadership Edge Workbook with questions and cases. Each Session has:

      • Leadership Edge Workbook Reading and Case Study assignment
      • Short reading assignments related to that Session’s focus
      • Videos of leaders from therapy and other professions talking about leadership topics
      • Video of the session’s Key Point Summary and Action Plan
      • Discussion Board for interaction with other Leadership Edge participants


      A 1 and ½ hour clinic specific StrengthsFinder Analysis and Team Building Meeting precedes the actual 10 Session program.


      1. Session 1 – Health Care Reform: Realities and Opportunities for Independent Practices in a Dramatically Changing Health Care Market
      2. Session 2 – High Performance Team: Creating a Culture that Succeeds During Change
      3. Session 3 – Followership: Helping Team Members Grow to be Confident, Proactive, Engaged Self Starters
      4. Session 4 – Transformational Leaders at All Levels: Big L Leaders, Small L Leaders, and Leader-Managers
      5. Session 5 – The 4R Model of Leadership and the 1st R . . . Relationships: Overview and the 1st R – Relationships of a Leader
      6. Session 6 – The 2nd R of the 4R Model of Leadership: Roles of a Leader
      7. Session 7 – The 3rd R of the 4R Model of Leadership: Responsibilities of a Leader
      8. Session 8 – The 4th R of the 4R Model of Leadership: Results of a Leader. We show how to use TPI’s PTManager application.
      9. Session 9 – Leading Change: Overcoming the Challenges of Change and Leading Your Change Until It Becomes Part of Your Culture
      10. Session 10 – Bringing it All Together: Creating Action Plans and Personal Leadership Development Plans . . . This session is designed to ensure your practice takes action and truly develops leaders, high performing teams, and a more successful practice



      What I truly think I gained most from TLE is the awareness that leadership comes in all forms across the organization, and although I am not a clinic manager, there are many ways I can contribute to the company and help to create a high performance team at my clinic.”

      Trisha Imker, DPT, OSI Physical Therapy, West St Paul, MN


      Quote“The Leadership Edge was for me as much a way to learn about leadership as it was a way to learn how to be a better team player. It helped me to take more ownership over my career and day-to-day interactions with my colleagues.” 

      – Sandy Gress, DPT, OSI Physical Therapy



      “By taking this class I’ve become enriched in what true leadership looks like within a high performance team.  The truth is that leadership greatness can come from anyone within a business, no matter what their title. It’s the choice of the employee to be the leader within their culture.  This class pushed me to self reflect, and it challenged me to change my way of practice..”

      Brett Maxwell, DPT, OSI Physical Therapy, Somerset, WI


      Training and learning experiences involve


      • Presentations and Lecture
      • Group Discussion
      • Case – Based Problem Solving
      • Practical Applications




      • The Leadership Edge Booklet – either hard copy or electronic
      • StrengthsFinder Assessment and Categorization of Your Team
      • High Performance Work Team Assessment Tool
      • Followership Assessment Tool
      • Leadership Assessment Tool
      • Strategic Planning Format
      • Leading Change Workbook
      • Analysis and Planning Recommendations for Team Leader

    Leadership Classes for Students

    In our changing health care market where every therapy practice must adapt, innovate, and transition to these dramatic changes including consolidation, value-based payment models, risk sharing, and demands for outcomes and measurable value, we need new graduate physical therapists who are ready to effectively lead as role models and contribute to teams.

    Physical Therapists who are truly valuable to their practices and to their profession are effective leaders and team players.  During this time of dramatic change in our health care delivery system, our profession needs strong leaders to guide us and provide direction across all areas of practice.  Learning and applying leadership and team building skills are a critical part of professionalism and these skills must start in professional school.

    One of TPI’s leaders can provide an 8 to 12 hour learning experience in Leadership and Team Work to Physical Therapy students as a component of administrative and management courses.  This course will soon be online for physical therapy students. Training and learning format are custom – designed for the needs of the school based on input from Chair and faculty.  The course is usually broken into three to six sessions of 2 to 3 hours each.

      • StrengthsFinder Strength Analysis for Students and Cohort
      • High Performance Team Characteristics
      • Followership Model
      • Transformational Leadership Development

     “Jim’s class was very organized & easy to understand. His group discussions made the material more meaningful.”
    “He was enthused about it and I also like that he expected and got class participation.”
    ~ Student Comments

      Training and learning experiences involve


      • Presentations and Lecture
      • Group Discussions
      • Videos of Student Leaders and Other Professional Leaders
      • Case – Based Problem Solving,
      • Practical Applications for Physical Therapy Students and Physical Therapists



      • The Leadership Edge Workbook
      • StrengthFinder Assessment for Each Student (student purchase their own books or accesses SF Assessment on line)
      • StrengthsFinder Categorization of the Class
      • Analysis and Planning Recommendations for Department Chair and Select Faculty Regarding Students
      • Pre and Post Tests for Students



    “The Leadership EDGE class was empowering. The lessons were both immediately applicable in my current work environment and also will be applied to future PT employment. I now feel like I have a good understanding of how to seek out leadership opportunities and the right tools to be the best leader no matter what environment I’m in. Each speaker was inspiring and a perfect example of leadership in the world of physical therapy.”


    – Kayla Conway, SPT, University of Minnesota in Physical Therapy – Class of 2016



    “The Leadership Edge class – and especially our Leadership Day for Students – really helped me and our cohort self-reflect and take ownership on what our strengths are and how we can all lead in our own ways. This class has helped me feel more confident in my strengths, with my upcoming clinical internships, and future interviews. I now know I can show leadership in my own unique way.”

    – Erin Babineau, SPT, University of Minnesota in Physical Therapy – Class of 2016



    Thank you for your time and the valuable information you shared with our class in The Leadership Edge program. The strengths, followership, leadership, team, and health care reform information has helped me, and I felt engaged during the entire 2 day class.”

    – Steven Nelson, SPT, Texas State University Program in Physical Therapy – Class of 2016



    I really enjoyed the StrengthsFinder program you provided at Texas State University for our first year DPT class. It will help us grow personally and together. I now see how I can use my strengths to reach my dream!”

    – Gabriel Abli Dunham, SPT, Texas State University Program in Physical Therapy – Class of 2018



    Having the Leadership Edge orientation for the first two days of Physical Therapy School was the perfect way to start classes.  I learned that the leadership ”Edge” is more than just some tricks you can use to improve yourself. It’s a foundation upon which to build a bright and successful future.  It was inspiring; it expanded my vision for my future; and I realized that by following its precepts, I will find great success as a student as well as throughout my career as a physical therapist.”

    – Jaden Hoth, SPT, 1st Year Student University of Central Arkansas Physical Therapy Program



    ”The Leadership Edge program was truly an amazing and beneficial experience. Not only did it help me get to know myself better, but it also brought our entire class closer together as a team. I now see that being a leader is something that starts immediately in school and not after graduation. I learned that I need to actively be a leader and work to develop meaningful relationships. I feel I am now equipped with the information and tools to do so.”

    – Jade Pearl, SPT, 1st Year Student University of Central Arkansas Physical Therapy Program



    ”I really enjoyed the Leadership Edge workshop including our StrengthsFinder Assessment. It was very beneficial in many ways. It helped me to learn about my classmates and get to know them better. It helped me learn more about myself – what my strengths are and how to effectively utilize them in school, my future profession, and in life in general. The workshop was a great starting point for my journey through physical therapy school.”

    – Jordana Andrews, SPT, 1st Year Student University of Central Arkansas Physical Therapy Program


    For more information contact Jim Hoyme at Jhoyme@therapypartners.com or 651-747-4336

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