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    Kerry and Kristy met early in their careers and had a shared interest in promoting services and access for pelvic health rehabilitation by applying evidence based treatment approaches. Lifespan Health Consultants was founded with our vision to create a premiere practice specializing pelvic health. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for our patients and assist them in meeting their goals and overcoming pain by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of their issue. We believe in a collaborative approach and work closely with area physicians and providers to address the complexity of our patients’ symptoms. Lifespan Health Consultants would love to partner with you on your health journey.


– Ankle Pain
– Aquatic Therapy
– Back Pain
– Biofeedback
– Concussions
– Custom Foot Orthotics and Treatment for Foot Pain
– Dry Needling
– Sports Medicine Services adn Sports Injury Treatment

– Elbow Pain
– Falls Prevention
– Graston
– IT Band / Thigh / Leg Pain
– Hand Therapy
– Hip Pain
– TMJ / Facial Pain
– Headaches

– Incontinence and Pelvic Pain Services
– Neck Pain
– Work Injuries
– Prediabetes Treatment
– Shoulder Pain / Rotator Cuff / Stiff Shoulder
– Vestibular Rehab

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