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    Hello! My name is Brittany Young-Sanchez. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and mom of two precious boys! I am a board certified Physical Therapist, member of the APTA and veteran to manual and therapeutic exercise therapy. I have gone to great lengths to aquire unique and integral therapeutic techniques to apply to each patient in a unique fashion. No patient is alike, therefore, no therapy is the same.

    I desire to become YOUR Physical Therapist. We are a friendly, up-beat clinic that has opened it’s doors to the Hudson community. Please stop by and become familiar with our clinic and what we have to offer! I look forward to meeting you and becoming an integral part of YOUR health care team!



– Ankle Pain
– Aquatic Therapy
– Back Pain
– Biofeedback
– Concussions
– Custom Foot Orthotics and Treatment for Foot Pain
– Dry Needling
– Sports Medicine Services and Sports Injury Treatment
– Wellness coaching

– Elbow Pain
– Falls Prevention
– Graston
– IT Band / Thigh / Leg Pain
– Hand Therapy
– Hip Pain
– TMJ / Facial Pain
– Headaches

– Parkinson’s Disease
– Neurologic
– Neck Pain
– Work Injuries
– Prediabetes Treatment
– Shoulder Pain / Rotator Cuff / Stiff Shoulder
– Vestibular Rehab

Velocity Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic

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